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WordCamp Europe Live interview with Andrew Palmer from Elegant Marketplace – #011

WordCamp Europe Live interview with Andrew Palmer from Elegant Marketplace - #011
WordCamp Europe Live interview with Andrew Palmer from Elegant Marketplace - #011


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Podcast Guest: Andrew Palmer

So far, the PressForward podcast has brought you 10 regular episodes and 13 mini PressPause episodes. We’ve tried to bring you a variety of guests speaking about a wide range of subjects.

Over the next few weeks you’re going to get something a little different. You see towards the end of June 2019, five members of the Big Orange Heart team flew out to Berlin. Those people were Dan Maby, Giles Hales-Tooke, Barbara Saul, Paul Smart and myself, Nathan Wrigley.

My task was to find a place to record interviews with some of the 3,000 attendees. The chats were impromptu and recorded in one take. Some of them were long, others short. Some were in groups, many of them 1-2-1. Some of the names might be familiar and others you might be hearing from for the first time. But all of them were fun to record and I’m thankful to all in our community who took time out of their schedule to talk to me.

There were no pre-arranged talking points and everything was off the cuff which led us in some unexpected directions. The order that I’m putting them out is not the order that they were recorded.

We made all of the recordings in one of the main thoroughfares at the event, and at times there were hundreds of people milling about in the background. So you’re going to hear our guests as well as the hum of the interactions taking place around us. Personally, I like this, it makes it seem more real in some way.

So today is the first of our WordCamp Europe interviews. It’s with Andrew Palmer the co-founder of Elegant marketplace. We talk about a whole range of subjects… his work creating products for the WordPress, we also talk about the WordPress community and what events like WordCamp mean and how he’s going to be contributing to Big Orange Heart.

At various points we do mention #depression and so this is a trigger warning.

So without further delay, I bring you Andrew Palmer…

Interviewed by Nathan Wrigley.

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