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The charitable mission of the Big Orange Heart Foundation is to support and promote positive well-being and mental health within remote working communities.

This mission came about when a group of likeminded people came together to talk about the issues of isolation, depression and loneliness associated with working remotely. There are many benefits to the distributed working model, we’re strong advocates – in fact, the entire team support BOH is remote. However, there can be issues with the potential for lack of in-person interaction and engagement.

As part of our mission, we’re building a strong, diverse, safe and active community. Through which we enable peer-to-peer support, direct one-to-one mentorship and the opportunity to help reduce the potential for social isolation through the delivery of high quality virtual and in-person events globally.

In recent times the world has changed – remote working has become prolific – and with this the need for better, more dedicated, well-being and mental health support is required.

The team members, volunteers and supporters of the Big Orange Heart Foundation collectively bring decades of experience working with the distributed model. Working closely with Mental Health Professionals (MHP) we building a unique bio-psychosocial focused approach to support.

Our approach is holistic – delivering support and mentorship across our Health Hubs. These Health Hubs focus on Mental Health, Physical Health and Skills Health. Ensuring preventative measures are focused on, to help reduce the potential impact of mental ill-health for the distributed workforce.

Working with both large multi-national corporations and individual freelancers – the Big Orange Heart Foundation will help support remote… together.