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How we use your donations

Illustrated remote worker sat at a laptop

Funding transparency

At Big Orange Heart, we strive to be open and transparent in all we do. We understand what it means to donate a percentage of your income to charities such as this. It’s important you understand how we use your money and the impact it can have on others.

2019 income


The Big Orange Heart charity has a unique focus within the remote working communities. We recognise the need to ensure that our message of how we use funding is essential.

How it breaks down

Public Donations
Corporate Donations
Other Revenue
Illustrated person sitting at a laptop
Illustrated remote worker sat at a laptop


Public donations make up 19% of our total annual income; every penny received contributes directly to the delivery of free well-being and mental health support.


Sponsorship accounts for almost a third of the charities income. As a globally unique service, the chance to sponsor presents an unparalleled opportunity for positive brand association and exposure.

Key opportunities

Focused on the people

How we use your donations

Through 2019 Big Orange Heart received $170,376 income, below you will see how this revenue was spent based on a mean monthly average of expenses. These are not final, audited figures.

Average cost to deliver free mental health support

$23 per hour

We’re able to deliver a combination of peer and professional mental health support to our community. Delivering over 7,500 hours free, through 2019 comes at an average cost of $23 per hour to us.

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