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Recovering from the hard times – #043

Recovering from the hard times - #043
Recovering from the hard times - #043


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Podcast Guest: Daniel de la Cruz

So, today we’re speaking with Daniel de la Cruz.

He’s on the podcast to tell us his story from childhood through to the present day. There’s a lot in there!

We start right back at the beginning at a time when Daniel lived in Germany. A mixture of difficulties with his family life and trouble at school lead to problems with drugs. At this point Daniels’ life seemed to be following a certain trajectory and there was no real way out.

But, as we find out, there were some positive influences during this time too – other family members who Daniel was able to look up to.

The key moment was when Daniel moved away from the town of his early childhood and was able to completely reinvent himself, unencumbered by the shadow of his former self.

We hear about how things started to work out for him and eventually he came to the UK where he attended university and started up some of his own businesses.

It was not all plain sailing though, troubles with money and a sense of purpose still dogged Daniel, but he got through those times too.

We end with when Daniel is now working in a successful digital community of like minded people who are all trying to assist one another along the way.

It’s a very frank discussion and Daniel is very honest and forthcoming. As so this is a trigger warning that in this episode of the podcast we do touch up on the subject of substance abuse.

If you’ve been impacted by any of the issues raised in this podcast, please reach out to us by using the chat on the wpandup.org website.

Interviewed by Nathan Wrigley.

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