Getting involved with your local WordPress community – #039

Podcast Guest: Simon Pollard

Today we’re speaking with Simon Pollard.

He’s a WordPress backend developer working at Illustrate Digital in Bristol, UK. He’s on the podcast today to talk about WordPress Meetups.

You may or may not know that WordPress is far more than just a collection of code that you can download to build a website with. It’s also a real community in which people meet up and share their experience and expertise with other WordPress users.

The most talked about WordPress events are the WordCamps. These are often sizeable events put on in large urban areas. They often span several days and have multiple tracks of talks that you can attend.

Perhaps less frequently discussed are the WordPress Meetups. These are smaller events, which take place more regularly and usually run in the evenings.

Simon has been a key member of the organising team at the WordPress Meetup in Bristol.

We talk about what a Meetup is and how it works, how it is organised and who can get involved.

It might be that there’s one near you and this will serve as great introduction to the ethos of such events and how you might become involved.

Interviewed by Nathan Wrigley.

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And remember… Together we can #PressForward

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