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Sponsoring Big Orange Heart is an opportunity like no other because it’s a chance to feature across a globally unique service within the remote working communities.

The positive brand association offered and the opportunity to make a change for good, while exposing your company makes this an exciting discussion.

The Sponsorship Plan

At Big Orange Heart, our focus has widened to support the global remote working communities’ wellbeing and mental health.

We’re excited to be able to bring a low-cost annual sponsorship package, offering incredible value because it includes every benefit provided for a simple yearly or monthly donation.

12-Month Impact

Big Orange Heart became a registered charity in August of 2018. Companies across the remote working communities have partnered to enable a team to grow and develop professional support and counselling services.

The impact Big Orange Heart has had on the communities we serve, in a relatively short period, is demonstrating the need for the continued growth of the service.

The Sponsorship Team

Our dedicated Big Orange Heart sponsorship team are on hand to discuss your requirements:

+44(0)20 3322 1080
+1 (415) 338-9110