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The #PressForward Podcast Show Notes

Pre-production – Information for podcast guests

We start at your scheduled date and time using Skype. First, we chat to see we are happy about what we are covering. Then we take a 5/10 minute break and then come back to record. We don’t always know what date the podcast will be published, it might well be a few weeks, but we’ll be sure to let you know!

We would ask that you find a quiet spot and use headphones so that we don’t get any audio feedback.

We are aiming to cover a topic that we think our listener will have experienced or are thinking about…. but in part, it will be an interview as we try to learn more about you, your experiences or your business.

What Happens Next

Once you are booked on to the podcast, the team will then be in contact with you to confirm your details and discuss any specifics related to your show. 

If you have any questions at all, please contact the team