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Speaker Registration

Before Registering To Speak

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Before registering to become a speaker, we have provided some useful information below.  Big Orange Heart holds multiple events, these vary in style from in-person to digital webinars.  Please use the following details as guidelines depending on the style of event you will be speaking at.

As per the standard within the WordPress community, we do not pay speakers, nor cover speaker expenses, such as hotel, travel or food.  If cost is a limiting factor for you to attend as a speaker, please speak with the Big Orange Heart team to see if alternative arrangements can be made.

As our in-person events are typically two and a half hours in length, we don’t have a speakers’ dinner. We do typically have 30 minutes of networking before the opening remarks, and an opportunity to network after the presentations have finished.

Talk length will vary dependent on the style of the event, please discuss specifics with the Big Orange Heart team.  As a guide, a full talk at an in-person event will typically last 25-30 minutes, with 5-10 minutes for a post-talk question and answer session. The total time allocated for your talk is 35 minutes.

Lightning talks should last 10-minutes, with an optional opportunity for engaging the audience in some points of discussion.

We don’t have the ability for specific childcare support, though youngsters who ideally won’t disturb the presentations are welcome to attend.

We try to ensure that all venues used by Big Orange Heart are accessible.

Even if we have agreed for you to speak at an event, we still require speakers to fill out the form below.  The information submitted here is used on our website and for other aspects of organising and running the event.

Registration Form