Light Reading for the Heavy Heart: Finding Acceptance in Authentic Imperfection

“To be authentic is to be at peace with your imperfections.”

Simon Sinek

Finding fault seems to be a fault that many of us have. We strive for excellence and frown at imperfection. And yet, we are not made happy by excellence. No, perfection is a hard master. It alludes us. It teases us.

Perfection lies to us. We believe that if we chase after it, we will become whole. Being whole, we will finally be acceptable. We don’t accept imperfection; we don’t accept others.

Perfection keeps us from forging bonds. Perfection keeps us from being vulnerable. Perfection is a jealous lover, keeping us from friends and family.

Perfection tells us we aren’t good enough. We’re not whole enough. We’re not smart enough. We’re not tall enough. We’re not beautiful enough. We’re not loved enough. We’re not worthy.

When we accept that we ourselves are imperfect, we will develop an empathy for others. That empathy will be received by others as acceptance. That acceptance allows us to have friends. Those friends build us into a community. We’re an authentic community of acceptable imperfect souls. And that is what makes life beautiful.

Today’s Thought

I choose to accept my flaws. I look at my faults and improve where I can. The future me may be better, but I will never be perfect. I choose to show my whole self to others. I choose to accept my imperfections and those of my friends and family. I choose community.

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