Light Reading for the Heavy Heart: Everyone Deserves to Be Recognized for their Expertise

“Every person in an organization has the right to be the company’s top expert at something.”

John Shook

If everyone has the right to be an expert, then why do we all struggle with imposter syndrome so much? The truth is that this is a company culture issue. It’s up to management, not you. As a leader, recognize expertise regularly, not just in a private employee review.

One of the most important parts of running a team is trusting that team. That means, at your core, you have the belief that everyone is an expert.

When collaboration is your business model, competition isn’t a threat. Their expertise is your expertise.

As a leader, it is important to trust your judgement.You chose the right people for the right job.

Present the problem and allow your team to come up with solutions. So much of our happiness as team members come from autonomy.

In order for recognition to work, it has to be public. When we lead teams, we can’t expect each member to read our minds. We have been given a team. This is a privilege, not a right.

Recognize the experts in your team — both in public and in private. Ask for their evaluations and appreciate their experience.

Today’s Thought

I am an expert. I recognize this skill within myself. I recognize the experts around me. I look to them and appreciate their input – to them and in front of others around me.

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