Light Reading for the Heavy Heart: Youth Is An Attitude – Not An Age

“The truth is that, although ours is a youth-oriented culture, many of us do not come into our own until our lives are half or three-quarters over.”

William Bridges

Since the Hippie Movement, Western Culture has been fighting the establishment and worshipping the youth. “Never trust anyone over 35” was their mantra. What are we losing as a culture with this attitude?

It used to be that we valued wisdom, age, and our ancestors. Many cultures still do. By blindly throwing out the establishment, we’re losing not only losing wisdom, but we’re also losing connection.

The extended family living in the same town had weekly gatherings around the dinner table. We connected and learned from people of all ages. Now, we’re segregated by age in almost everything we do. The classroom is segregated. The youth activities and church groups are segregated. Even Meetup Groups in Tech are segregated by age and/or gender.

Youth is the vibrant living of life. Youth is embracing the abundance of opportunities. Youth is celebrating diversity.

Today’s Thought

I am more than my age. I want to learn and grow from those before me. I recognize I’m part of a larger community. I am neither too old nor too young to start a new hobby or learn a skill. I am enough.

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