Bridget Willard joins the Big Orange Heart (formerly WP&UP) team

What a treat it is to introduce another new member to the WP&UP marketing team. Bridget Willard brings her amazing skills to our social media channels, and is already creating a buzz.

Many of us already know of Bridget through her Twitter channel and as co-host of the weekly WPblab show. So why is she joining us?

“In the tech community we have quite a few advantages — the freedom to work remotely being one of my favorite. But with working alone comes its own challenges: isolation.

I’m a big advocate of attending WordPress Meetups to combat isolation. However, this year, with several health and financial challenges, it’s been difficult for me to make the hour commute. I’m not alone in this.

WP&UP is one of the first nonprofits I’ve come across that believes in the whole health of the tech community. Yes, we need to talk about mental health. But we also need to talk about physical illness, business acumen, and improve our skills. This is why I’m proud to be part of the marketing team and also a recurring donor. “

Bridget will also be regularly contributing to the blog with the first last week “Freelancers – It’s OK to say No” – awesome stuff!

I’ve always admired Bridget’s ability to interact and engage via social media. Her written content has always resonated well with me. To have her join the WP&UP team in delivering our message of positive mental health within the WordPress community, is a huge step forward for us. It’s really exciting to see active members of our community help deliver a positive impact via WP&UP.

Dan Maby, CEO, WP&UP

You can learn more about Bridget here.

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